There are many reasons people may be interested in learning more about the real estate field. Whether you are a novice, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, podcasts offer exciting insight and case studies that can help you learn more.

This article discusses The Real Wealth Show as the top podcast for real estate enthusiasts. You will find something perfect for you, whether business or personal topics.

What is The Real Wealth Show?

The Real Wealth Show is a free audio and video podcast covering real estate. This podcast does not follow one specific topic. It covers various issues related to real estate, including buying and selling homes and making decisions while researching the market. Kathy Fettke hosts this show. She is Co-CEO of Real Wealth Network and author of “Retire Rich with Rentals.”

This podcast was launched in 2003 by Kathy. Kathy found it intending to share her secrets and those of top experts in the real estate investing field. The show is formatted into different segments offered two to three per week.

The Real Wealth Show Review

The Real Wealth Show is one of the most popular real estate podcasts. Kathy states that she has interviewed many millionaires and scores of successful real estate agents. Her guests share their stories and experiences while providing valuable insight into what it takes to become prosperous in the real estate field. The show is dedicated to helping people learn more about business, investing, and creating wealth in the industry you love.

You can also learn about self-directed IRAs, 1031 exchanges, private money lending, 401(k)s, and creative financing through this podcast. It offers tips on making money in any market using your current knowledge and resources and how to break into new markets that will benefit your business.

Although The Real Wealth Show is an opinionated podcast, it professionally covers the topics. They are not afraid to take a stand on specific issues but still maintain their professionalism for those who may disagree with their views.

Kathy Fettke’s podcast is an excellent addition to any real estate enthusiast’s list of resources. The show is straightforward and offers a variety of topics that people may find interesting. Regardless of what stage you are currently in your career, you will gain valuable insight from this podcast that can help you improve your knowledge and business.