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Based in Ocala, Florida, Tracy LeRoux is a motivator, leader, brand-builder, and broker with more than 26 years of experience working in the marketing and real estate industries. Across her life, Tracy LeRoux has had the opportunity to live all around the country, including Miami, Naples, Chicago, Richmond, Manhattan, Rehoboth, Barrington, San Diego, and Redondo Beach. She’s developed and maintained a deep passion for helping small business owners and families alike find their space, which is why she’s also established herself professionally within the real estate industry. 

Tracy LeRoux is the founder of Link Real Estate, where she also serves as Owner, Principal Broker, and Realtor. Since founding the agency in 2014, she has continued to demonstrate her skills in investment property, negotiation, marketing, and luxury property investment. Through Link Real Estate, Tracy and the team offer clients detail-oriented full-service concierge real estate brokerage services representing both sellers and buyers throughout the Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Central Florida markets. 

Additionally, in her career, Tracy LeRoux is the founder of The Link Agency, a marketing and coaching firm offering businesses operating within the healthcare, nonprofit, real estate, and packaged goods industries the brand power that they need to compete in their markets and find success. By providing these businesses with the resources and guidance needed to transform and flourish, Tracy and the team at The Link Agency are able to seamlessly integrate the advertising, branding, digital marketing, and marketing strategies that will help clients scale their business and achieve meaningful results all while creating value.  

For her experience and expertise, Tracy LeRoux has received industry recognition throughout her career. AdAge Magazine – a global publication sharing data, news, and analysis on the media and marketing industry – named Tracy and her business as one of the Top USA Agencies from All Disciplines, a high honor. Tracy LeRoux herself has been named to the Providence Business News “40 Under 40” list, and her business has been identified as the “fastest-growing business in Rhode Island.” 

Tracy holds her Associate of Arts and Sciences degree from Roger Williams University, her Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology through the State University of New York, and her Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from the Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism. 

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